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Ordinary TimE 2017

     Ordinary Time gets its name from the word ordinal, meaning "numbered," since the Sundays of Ordinary Time are expressed numerically. Ordinary Time occurs outside of other liturgical time periods. Essentially then Ordinary Time is that part of the year that does not fall within the seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent, or Easter. The Catholic Church celebrates two periods of the year as Ordinary Time. In the United States, the first period begins after the Masses have been said on the evening of the Feast of the Baptism of The Lord (the Sunday after The Epiphany), meaning that the feast itself falls within Christmastide, but the whole day does not. The next Sunday is still reckoned "The Second Sunday in Ordinary Time," because it is the Sunday of the second week in Ordinary Time. The reckoning can be confusing, and has many asking "what happened to the first Sunday in Ordinary Time?" The Catholic Church and other Western liturgical Churches recognize the period after Pentecost until Advent (including Christ the King Sunday) as Ordinary Time, although in some denominations they are often still numbered "Sundays After Pentecost."

      Ordinary time does not need to be "ordinary," and is not meant to mean that somehow we get a break from the Liturgical Year. The opposite is true: everything that does not fit into Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter is celebrated during ordinary time, including the feasts of the Trinity, Corpus Christi, All Saints, the Assumption of Mary, and Christ the King. In addition, the Church continues to celebrate Saints days and other events such as The Octave of Christian Unity. The major feasts, when occurring on a Sunday, trump the regular Ordinary Time Sunday lessons and liturgy. In the American Catholic Church, Corpus Christi is celebrated as a Sunday feast, so often there are fewer than the 34 Sundays of Ordinary time that may possibly occur. We also may remember and celebrate the parts of Jesus' life that were ordinary, much like our own lives. The color of green is appropriate because it is the most ordinary color in our natural environment.

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We are the Catholic Community, multicultural family of St. Raymond-Our Lady of Good Counsel parish of Detroit.  We share the love of Jesus by welcoming and serving friends and strangers,, young and old, rich and poor.  We are called to be the light of Christ in our neighborhood, strengthened by prayer and worship, especially the Eucharist.  We see ourselves as a rock in our community,  We are dedicated to grow in unity with God and one another.  We invite all to join with their time, talent and treasures in the journey toward building God’s kingdom.  Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we are dedicated to keep a Catholic presence in our neighborhood.

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Please note, the website will NO LONGER BE AVAILABLE after June 30, 2017.  Thank you for your support over the last 15 years.


St. Raymond-Our Lady of Good Counsel Church WILL REMAIN OPEN.  This will just no longer be the website for the parish.